Red Sugar Cafe

24 Vernon St. Wakefeild MA 01880

781- 587-0348



Red Sugar Wings : *  (8 Pieces): Crispy chicken wings sautéed with a home-made sweet chili sauce.       $ 8.50

Vegetable Spring rolls : (3 Pieces): Crispy fried vegetables spring served with special house-made sauce on the side.    $ 5.95 

Vegetable Cakes : (3 Pieces): Crispy vegetable cakes stuffed with chives, cut in half. Served with a special home-made sweet ginger sauce.  $ 7.95

Gyoza: (8 Pieces): Dumplings filled with a mixture of pork, chicken, and vegetables. Served with a special soy-ginger dipping sauce.  $ 7.95

Shrimp Shumai : (8 Pieces): Steamed or fried wonton-wrapped shrimp Shumai. Served with a special soy-ginger dipping sauce. $ 7.95

Chicken Satay: (4 Pieces): Delicious tender strips of marinated chicken on skewers served with a specially-home-made peanut sauce.  $ 8.50

Edamame: The original broiled Japanese soybeans sprinkled with light sea salt.     Served warm.   $ 6.95

Thai Crab Rangoon: (8 Pieces): Homemade herbed cream cheese wrapped in wonton wrapping and served with a special sweet apple sauce.   $ 7.95                                    

Spicy Crab Rangoon: *   (8 Pieces): The original crab Rangoon with a kick of spiciness added for a twist. Served with a special sweet apple sauce.  $ 7.95



Tom Kha Soup: A delicious coconut soup with mushrooms, chicken, lime juice,and exotic herbs such as galangal, lemongrass and cilantro. Seasonal       $5.50     

Tom Yum Soup:*  The Thai version of hot and sour soup with exotic Thai herbs, lemongrass, mushrooms, lime juice Shrimp or Chicken. Seasonal         $ 5.50


* Hot

** Hot & Spicy

Red Sugar Cafe'


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